🌲 It’s Tree Tag Time! 🌲

Game Modes Information

Before you host, you can tick the "Random Races" or "Random Heroes" option to enable new modes.

Random Races: Blindfolded team selection, you cant see what team other players pick.
Random Heroes: Hostmode for player 1 (red). Allows him to choose from modes.

Player 1 (red) can choose modes in the first 30 seconds by writing -mode <modes>.
For example: -mode abj (Random Team, Random classes, Golden start).

-mode 0 disables stats saving.

Stats saving is enabled with these modes:
aRandom teams (The teams are setup randomly.)
bRandom classes (Only random ent class is available.)
cRandom infernals (Only random infernal is available.)
dUnique infernals (Each infernal type can be picked only once. Repick disabled.)
eClassic Mode (No ent classes & no infernal talents.)
Stats saving is automatically disabled with these modes:
fDisable feed (Ents feed no gold, but infernals receive a higher passive income.)
gChaos mode (The chaos mode is enabled in the beginning.)
hCiao Regrow (Regrowing trees is disabled, but infernals destroy trees much slower. Hired units cant attack trees.)
iSolo Infernal (One infernal vs all ents.)
jGolden start (Ents and infernals start with more gold.)
kIncome Mode (Ents receive a fixed income and resource storages give no income.)
lNo dragonballs (No dragonballs will be spawned.)
mNo mushrooms (No mushrooms will be spawned. Natures Awakening disabled.)
nInferno Mode (Infernals can destroy trees MUCH faster.)
oLock Trading (Sharing resources is disabled.)
pNo Invis (Ents cant build Invisible Trees.)
qNo Immunity (Ents cant buy Necklace of Immunity, no Hideout.)
rNo Trees?! (No trees are on the map at start, ents start with nature lovers.)
sCD Reset (All cooldowns reset for infernals after killing an ent and for ents after rescuing.)
tFree Paths (Ents cant build on the grass paths.)